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A Night at the Opera Part Two

44 pages, Color & B&W, US$10.99
Age Regression, Male AR, Female AR
Artwork by PalComix

Frank continues to get younger, turning into a baby before sexy Suzy and Marilyn!

Story Summary: Frank continues his humiliating regression, turning into an infant in front of the sexy well-dressed ladies at the Opera. He’s taken home by Suzy and Marilyn, who try to outdo each other in playing Mommy for him. (17 color pages by Palcomix)
Plus 27 pages of very detailed Age Regression pages by Bojay, including:
Brent shrinks to a baby and gets spanked (7 pages)
Marilyn regresses to a toddler (6 pages)

Note: This is Part Two of a Two Part comic.

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  • $10.99