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Starlet Stripe Part Two

29 pages, Color and Black & White, US$9.99
Mini-Giantess, Female Muscle Growth
Artwork by PalComix

A fun new retro GTS comic that features Mini-GTS, Breast Expansion, and Muscle Girl themes. Follow Suzy, Marilyn and their pals as they volunteer for a female growth experiment! Many thanks to Merritt Stone who contributed a number of ideas to the story.

In Part Two:
The Min-GTS girls humiliate the guys on the training course;
10-foot tall Muscle-Girl Rosie intimidates her rival Dick;
A drill sergeant trains the ladies but they get too big for their uniforms;
Marilyn tries out the growth formula and has a surprising development!

Note: This is Part Two of a Three Part comic.

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  • $9.99