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Flu Shots Five (Artists Edition)

39 pages, Color, US$10.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by Yuan

The exciting finale with shrunken Madison, her sexy little sister Zoe, brother Michael and more. This part features lots of age regression and progression from multiple characters – and a big showdown between Madison and Zoe!

Story Summary: The Doctor finally gets rid of the spoiled flu shots – by dumping them into the lake! Zoe, Austin and their friends are affected as the shots cause an epidemic of age regression. Meanwhile Michael has a big crush on the Nurse, and Zoe and Madison’s war comes to a surprising resolution.

This Artist's Edition includes all 39 pages plus (1) 39 pages of original sketch drawings and (2) 39 pages of uncolored inked drawings that show the amazing detail of the original art.

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